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Become the ultimate networking connector with our next generation NFC eVolution tap cards. Show prospective clients you are on the cutting edge and stay connected with everyone you meet.

Welcome to the eVolution!

Our eVolution NFC tap card and My Digital Homepage combine to be the best networking tool since the invention of the business card!

Use your eVolution card to put your contact info into your new contact’s phone in seconds. We even provide a way for them to send their information to you so you can stay in touch.

The eVolution tap card uses both NFC and a QR Connecter dynamic QR code to connect you with people you have met. It is a dye-sub printed custom card made with your logo and directing visitors to your personal My Digital Homepage.

NFC (Near Field Communication) was first introduced in smartphones in 2011 and reached 24.8 billion devices in 2022 and is projected to reach 90.7 billion devices by 2032 (source: Data Horizon Research).

The QR Connecter is our dynamic QR code that allows you to use the same QR code on all your sales material, banners, flyers, and even email signatures.

Ways to use your eVolution tap card and My Digital Homepage

The eVolution NFC tap card

Customized by order with your full-color logo on the front and your personalized QR Connecter on the back to maximize compatibility with everyone you meet.

Tap enabled keyring

Handcrafted to order and customized with your logo, this tap-enabled keyring is sure to be with you even when you don’t have your eVolution tap card.

QR Connecter

Our customized, dynamic QR code that will be the last one you ever need!

Keep the image on your phone for quick access or include it on your flyers, banners, your email signature … anywhere you want to ensure people can always find your info.

Event Kit (coming soon!)

Tired of running out of business cards when you’re at a convention or big sales show?

With our event kit, you will get a new custom eVolution tap card custom printed for you with a badge sleeve, retractable badge holder, and lanyard helping you make connections without running out of cards.

Got Questions?

Want to learn more about the eVolution NFC tap card, the tap-enabled keyring, event kit, or just have some questions?

Contact us and we will respond to you within 24-48 hours.

The eVolution NFC tap card, My Digital Homepage, and other related products are offerings from Total Solutions AZ
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